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Lock Picking Level 100-

It was about a week ago when I found an awesome solution to a stupid situation. I had just started my day and I was setting up to do my workout in the living room/ sun room of my 2nd floor apartment. This room is located on the back of the house and is accessed either through my room or my friend’s room. My workout mat was ready to go and I had my bands out, which I use in place of weights and a pull-up bar. The bands come with an attachment to hook on top of your door- I just make sure the door is shut tight so the band doesn’t snap back an smack me in the face. I closed the door, successfully tested the bands, and now it was time to get my water and put some shorts on (I was just in my boxers). I went to open my door but the handle wouldn’t turn and the door wouldn’t budged. No problem, my friend’s door should be unlocked. Again, I went to push open the door but it did open. Both doors were locked and I was stuck in the room. It wasn’t that big of a deal. That’s where the TV is, and I could wait for my friend to return from school, but that was a few hours (at least), I didn’t want to just be sitting there on the couch in my boxers, and I wanted to begin my day. The lock on my door is the standard mechanism on the door knob. Determined to get out, I tried to find something thin in attempt to pick my door’s lock but I had nothing thin or strong enough. My friend’s door had a latch, which would have been useless to me but he had a missing glass pane on his door. Well, it was still useless to me because it was the furthest pane from the latch and I still needed another arms length to reach it. It was still my best chance, so I scrounged the room for an long objects but nothing was long enough or was too bulky, since theres a TV, consoles, controllers, speakers, remotes and a couch. Just by chance I found a roll of duck tape that was accidentally left there from the previous day, so I looked for any objects I could use to make a makeshift poker-stick-thing. From there is was trial and error but I quickly figured out I should duck tape three wii-motes together with a pen at the tip. My cell phone was attached to the top with the camera app open so even with my awkward angle I could see what I was doing. I figured I could record just in case this worked. This little adventure lasted about 60 minutes, 36 of which was filming, attempting to unlock the door with my device. Sure enough, I got myself free and moved on with my day.

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Xbox One Launches Nov. 22, 2013 in 13 Markets

[Press release] “… Xbox One will be available on Nov. 22, 2013 in all 13 of our initial launch markets – Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK, and USA.  Many more markets will follow in 2014.”

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Give us your money! All that you’ve got! Just fork it on over...

This link is a senior college capstone (aka Thesis).

I have noticed that having “not-celebrity status” makes it difficult to get projects supported/ funded- people aren’t so willing to throw money at you. So we’re going to have to work really hard to get anything. Look! This is me working really hard.

Though the amount of followers I have is quite small, a simple reblog can spread something like wildfire. I don’t expect this to spread like wildfire and most people here are poor college students.

Clicking the link will describe anything that you will want to know and if you wish to know more you can contact me. If you have coding skills, are interesting in Virtual/ Augmented Reality, or know anyone who does… contact me.   

So remember,

When you help others,
You can’t help helping yourself!  (Avenue Q reference for those who didn’t get it)

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Something I put together a while back. Finally finished it and decided to share.

May all whovians mutter these words each Saturday.

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To my buddy…

Three years ago (more specifically, three years ago on July 21st), I apologize that I am a day late… now technically two due to posting issues… Regardless, I wanted to make a tribute as soon as possible. Three years ago an important family member, my best friend, Magic, our dog, had passed on. As he grew older his body began to fail him, and at the age of 14, he had reached his limit, and he knew it. He tried his best to move about, to go upstairs into my room when it was time for bed, but eventually he stayed on the first floor (but I don’t blame him- there was an Air Condition so it was more comfortable). I had even stayed downstairs with him one night.

Then that specific one morning, I woke up, came downstairs to see Magic and my mom on the back porch. One of the first things my mom told me was that he could not stand up at all, never mind walk. We immediately called my dad (at work), and my brother. We knew after countless visits to the vet that there was nothing more they could do and we couldn’t allow him to continue to live in pain. There was a silent understanding on what this next vet visit was going to entail. Magic seemed to know as well that his time had come.

I stayed close by him, and when it was time to leave I picked him up, placed him on his favorite blanket and brought him to the car and sat in the back with him. We was very calm.

My mom, brother, dad, and myself were at the vet. My sister was informed but could not be there since she was/ is living in Texas. We carried him into one of the rooms where we all gathered around the table with Magic on it (with his blanket). We had a short discussion with the vet, we had all decided that it was time and that he was to be cremated by a reputable organization. The vet left for a few minutes and during that time we patted him and talked to him. The vet came back with a shot and told us exactly what was going to happen. It only took a minute, and during that time we didn’t stop patting him. He closed his eyes, and that was it. I don’t think we could have asked for such a more peaceful passing.

Even as I write this, I can’t help but fight away the tears. I felt it was important to share that moment as difficult as it was, but also to share his moments in life. Though his body grew weak, his heart and spirit always stayed strong. Dogs are known for their limitless amount of unconditional love and will always be by your side, and he was no exception. Many people throughout the neighborhood knew who he was, even if I didn’t know who they were. He loved the water (and would keep cool in a kiddie pool that I used to use as I child), and he adored the snow. He would go outside dozens on times a day during the winter just so he could stick his face right into a pile of snow. When we were much younger, during winter nights, I would be in a sled holding onto his leash, my brother would run down the street, and Magic would chase after him, carrying me along in the sled. 
My brother, Magic, and I would also play hide and seek. One of would would hold Magic downstairs, and the other would run upstairs to hide. When the time was up, Magic would be let go and he would run upstairs searching the rooms. It would never take him long to find us. If we didn’t come out of the hiding spot after too long, he would bark for us to come out.

He even had spots in the house, specifically the downstairs hallway, where if he lay there, he would be able to see/ know which room we were in. Usually staying closest to me, and following me whenever I moved.

If I hurt myself, felt down, lonely, or perfectly happy, he would always be there and would give me a lick on the face, and always there to great me when I came home. My mom would always tell us that he knew when it about time for us to return home from school and would be anxious to see us. He would often lay next to us, and if he was not, I would go and lay next to him. My friends are very familiar with me laying on the floor. Anywhere on the floor for a prolong period of time. I have come to realize that this could be partially due to how often I spent time next to him. Even on the floor.

Last but not least, he loved walks. The simple mentioning of the word would make him get excited. He also love him rope to play tug-of-war, which one Christmas we bought him a new rope. He enjoyed that.

The picture (on the left) is my all time favorite pictures. This was our first photo together, just me and him, shortly after he entered our family. Because we loved it so much, we did our best many years later to recreate the photo (with minor differences). The physical photo had aged, but I scanned it to insure it would always be there.

His urn is buried in our backyard right by his favorite spot under a tree, along with his doggie bowl, rope, leash, and a letter I wrote for him, which I read before we covered the hole.

He is one of the reasons for my love of dogs, and wish to have another one day. But he will always be in memory.

I miss you old friend. Thank you for the times we shared.

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